Water is Power, or Why One Should Drink Water Every Day

Water is Power, or Why One Should Drink Water Every Day

To begin with, everybody knows that water is very useful for us, but often we do not understand what is the use of it. Some people have understanding of why water is needed, but they do not have a habit to drink as much of it as needed.

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There are some crucial reasons to drink a lot of water every day. This habit is also not hard to develop. All you need is desire to do it. It is obvious that desire will not come without knowing why one should drink at least 1,5 liters of water daily. In this article you will read top reasons why an adult person has to drink a plenty of water and what miracle it can do.

Losing Weight

It is a huge problem for a lot of people to lose weight and continue to keep fit. Many of them find a low-calorie diet and try limiting food portions. However, after every diet like this people gain weight even faster than before. Some of them go jogging early in the morning or in the late evening, when our organism wants to sleep. No doubt that sport is good for health, but there will not be a fast result if you continue your previous low-water lifestyle.

Everyone likes drinking coffee or tea in the morning, juices in packages, coca-cola, 7up, various sodas, alcohol and other junk drinks. People usually drink a lot of these beverages and still wonder why they cannot lose weight. The matter is that all these drinks, including coffee and sweetened tea, are rich on calories, fats, carbohydrates, sugar and trans fats. Every component of sweet water is not good but harmful not only for our body but for our well-being.

Let us look at the water. Zero calories, zero sugar. So, in order to keep fit, try to avoid junk drinks and consume more clear water. What is more, water reduces appetite, as very often we think that we want to eat something, when in reality, our organism wants some water. Our brains misunderstand the difference between drinking and eating. This fact seems to be a bit silly, but it is true. If you also want to eat but do not have free time, drink water and you will not want to eat for at least for 30 minutes, but remember, that it is important to eat after to not harm your stomach.

Heart Health

Water has a wonderful influence on heart health. Thanks to water, heart is more active in its work as water gives energy and power to work. It is proven that if you drink enough water, you can reduce the likelihood of a heart attack. A six-year study published on May 1, 2002 in the American Journal of Epidemiology showed that for those people who drink more than five glasses of water per day, the likelihood of having a heart attack during the study period was 41% lower than for those who used to drink only two glasses of water.


In fact, people who drink water after they wake up are refreshed as those who drink coffee or tea. Water has the same effect what is really great as there is no need to waste money on unnecessary drinks. If you do not drink enough water, you feel tired even if it is only the beginning of a working day. You can also have the same feeling when dehydration is not critical. That is why one should drink water regularly and when it is needed. Dehydration can cause weariness, muscle weakness, dizziness, low brain activity, desire to sleep and other negative symptoms.

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Remedy from Headache

Another symptom of dehydration is headache. In fact, often when we have a headache, it means we do not drink enough water. Of course, there are many other reasons why one can have a headache, but dehydration is one of the most common ones. So, when you feel bad and have a headache, you can try to drink water. In case it does not help, call the doctor.

Healthy Skin

A lot of celebrities with perfect color and state of skin claim that they drink a lot of water every day. Moreover, some of them always have a bottle in a bag. That proves that drinking water can help you clean your skin from pimples and acne. Of course, your skin will not become perfect in a night and without daily caring routine, but if you drink water regularly, you will have a result less than in a fortnight. Do not forget that when your skin becomes cleaner, you do not have to give up drinking water. It will make a miracle.

Problems with Digestion

Everybody sometimes has problems with digestion. If you often have them, look at the amount of water you drink. You see, in order to properly digest food, our digestive system needs a sufficient amount of liquid. Often, water helps to solve the problem with acidity of the stomach. What is more, water in combination with the fiber helps to cope with constipation, which is usually the result of dehydration.

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Cleaning the Organism

It is an open secret that every person likes to eat junk food at least rarely. Still, eating something like pizza, fast food, cakes, sweets and so on we pollute our organism with slag and toxins. In order to miss calling the doctor and be ill, you can drink water. It perfectly cleans our body and does not require a lot of money.

Water Reduces the Risk of Cancer

It has been discovered by scientists that the use of healthy and clean water reduces the risk of colon cancer on 45%, and bladder cancer on 50%. In addition, it may reduce the risk of breast cancer. It is amazing, is not it?

Effective Workout

A lot of people like to go to the gym and have an intensive workout. If you are this kind of person, the advice is definitely for you. The matter is that dehydration can greatly interfere with sports, slow down the pace of working out and complicate weight lifting. Training requires extra amount of fluid in the body before, during and after training.


Refuse buying unnecessary junk drinks! That will not only save your money, but your health and productivity. It is better to buy a filter and install it in your house or flat. The flavor of water will be the same as one in the bottle. That is total economizing.


Now, when you know all these facts, do not waste time, go and drink some water. Try to always have a glass of water near your working place instead of tea or coffee. Hopefully, this article was a source of inspiration for you. If these reasons were not enough, you may check this or this article for more information. Believe, water will make a miracle.

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