Top Reasons not to Watch TV

Top Reasons not to Watch TV

Robots and Humans

It is known that we live in a new era, a technological one. We can even state that robots rule our lives. Look around, high tech can be found everywhere, even in a small village. It is weird to hear that a family does not have a TV set. We cannot imagine our daily routine without watching a film, a soap opera or life news. Fifty years ago, nobody could predict how television can influence the world. However, experts were sure that arts like literature, music, painting can disappear forever. They saw how amazed people are sitting in front of a little TV set.

Now TV is associated with big colorful screens which can be the central object on the whole wall. However, people still like going to the theatre, having picnics in the park and reading books. What is more, people often claim that they do not watch TV. Earlier it would be nonsense, but nowadays it is a kind of a movement. Namely, there are quite a lot of people, mostly young people, who do not watch TV. So what could cause this reaction? What forced them to stop watching a so-called zombie box? In this article you will read the main reasons why you have to stop watching TV immediately.

It Takes Our time

It is a valid reason why you have to stop watching TV. To begin with, earlier people watched TV-shows when they had free time. They watched films when they were bored. Then, people created TV series which take our free and working time away. Sometimes, even if people have problems with their jobs or inside their family circle, they will not miss an episode of their favorite soap opera. That way a person becomes a couch-potato.

Beloved people go away, friends leave forever, relatives become people that one used to know. Agree that it is terrible, it is a real disaster. Imagine only! Statistic says that a city-dweller spends 2-3 hours watching useless programs and reality shows. For a second, it is a huge part of spare time. One can read a book, write a novel, communicate with parents or children, do chores and what-not. Try to live a day without TV. Be sure, it is possible to live without your favorite soap opera.

A Little Advice

If you have a possibility, try to watch a new episode of the series on your laptop using the Internet. The matter is that after it ends on the TV, another interesting program or show begins. That way you are more likely to continue watching TV, which involves you and your mind completely. Be careful, it is not easy to escape! For example, check click here to see how challenging it might be.

It Makes One a… Less Bright Person

This fact is obvious and even does not need to be proved by specialists. Look at the people who cannot wait to go home and watch TV. Do you have a lot of topics you can talk on? Do you like communicating with a person who does not know what books are made of? The answer is clear. The matter is that a long period of watching TV oppresses our brain. When you watch TV, you become a plant. It does not mean that you have leaves. The problem is that you do not think at all.

While watching TV, your brain activity is really low, you cannot solve different problems, answer the questions. You are only able to perceive the information, which is often unnecessary for a normal adult life. There are a lot of things that prove that one never becomes a thinker in front of the TV screen. Everyone had a day spent on watching TV. Remember yours. After several hours spent in front of a zombie box you were acting like a sloth. Namely, you were sleepy, your moves were very slow, you were slowed down. It is called a zombie effect. You really become one for a bit.

It Makes You a Worse Person

Producers are businessmen. It is an important fact one has to keep in mind. The matter is that these people want to earn money, they do not care about their viewers. They use everything in their programs in order to draw more people to the screen. What are the most interesting things for a person? These are fear and stinginess. That is why we can always see blood and death in action films and like watching programs with fantastic prizes given to a random person.

Look at the news programs. We only hear about wars, suicides, traffic accidents together with stories of successful people who were robbed or killed. Have you ever thought about that? Yes, it is business. The question is the following: are there any normal programs which can be useful? Of course, some channels broadcast interesting and developing programs, but with every year they disappear from the television. That way, not everything on TV will bring you satisfaction and positive emotions. So, ask yourself a question: do you really need that? It is up to you what to answer.

TV Makes You Sad

Statistic says that TV series are the most popular entertaining type of program broadcasting on television. Nowadays, there is a plenty of genres for every preference. If you are a housewife, romantic soap operas are created exactly for you. In case you are a fashion lover, you can watch various glamorous shows. If you are an intellectual person and like smart humor, you can watch “The Big Bang Theory” or “Doctor House”. Briefly, even very capricious person can find something to watch.

Let us imagine that you started to watch a series. Firstly, you only watch every character; you are not involved into the plot. Then you are interested in what is coming next, observe every detail in this soap opera. After this step, you are close to be completely involved into somebody’s fictional life. At the end, the show has become a part of you and your daily need.

Watching TV

You are fascinated while observing other people’s quarrels and truces, weddings and divorces. You have the same emotions and feelings that your favorite actor or actress has. You will not think about all these steps, you will not even understand when the main hero became closer to you than your friends and relatives.

As a result, you risk to lose everybody; series is not eternal and will be over soon. Exactly in this time you will understand that you spend yourself and your life for somebody’s imagination child. Returning old friends and former reputation is a challenging task, and not everybody can cope with it. So, think before starting to watch a series. It is better to spend time with close people.


Now, when you know all these facts, it is high time what to choose: have nothing except TV or have no TV set but a dozen of people who are always glad to see you. Hopefully, this article was a source of inspiration and motivation for you.

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