Study Objectives and What Is the Best Way to Write This Type of Paper

Study Objectives and What Is the Best Way to Write This Type of Paper

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There are a lot of essays one should learn to write when trying to receive a scholarship or grant. Study objectives is one of them. Let us present you some valuable information and tips on that subject. Here you can find additional information.

Study Objectives: What and Why

The globalization as a phenomenon of our present society has opened a set of new possibilities for people. One of those possibilities is the ability to study abroad with a help of a grant or a scholarship. Many students or pupils from all over the world are trying to enter their dream university each year. This number is not going to get lower, it increases dramatically. That is why students face the problem which is a big concurrence. In order to achieve their goals, students need to write really strong and persuasive essays. One of those essays is a paper about study objectives.

Receiving a Scholarship

Let us be more specific. There is one of the world’s famous grant programs, called Fulbright. It provides youngsters with a possibility to enter different universities or to go for an internship to different countries. In case a person wants to receive a grant, they should collect certain documents and fill in the application form. One of the most important things when applying for Fulbright is an essay called study objectives. What should this essay be about? How does it differ from a usual motivation letter? What are the main principles for making this essay strong and persuasive?

Beware of Confusion

The study objectives paper is usually written by students who apply for graduate programs. It is presupposed that they have already decided on the topic of their future project as well as its approximate content and to which field of knowledge they are eager to contribute. Thus, it is study objectives where the applicant describes their future project and his goals for which receiving the grant is needed.

To compose this essay in a proper way, one needs to distinguish it from the other one asked for by the Fulbright program. That is personal statement. In their personal statement, a student writes about their scientific interests and previous experiences that resulted into the person’s and the university’s paths cross.

The study objectives is focused on the certain subject of a research paper, on specific possibilities of the university or country the person is applying for so it can help them to make a grounding research. In short, a Personal Statement is more like a scientific biography with all the previous accomplishments. The Study Objectives is more like an abstract of a research paper that also stresses the importance of foreign studying experience.

What Is the Structure of It?

The basic must-have elements of a study objectives essay are in some way similar to that of a personal statement. Usually, it should be divided into four paragraphs, each of which should have its own subject. The first paragraph is an introduction. Here you speak about the topic of your final paper for Master’s degree and the reason why it should be done in the country you are applying for.

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There is no need to write a book about the value of your topic or about how your home country lacks everything you need for the project. Try to make your introduction as short and specific as possible. Avoid abstract sentences that add no value to the things you said before or are going to say in the next paragraphs.

Your Aim and Step-by-Step Plan to Achieve It

You start to be more specific about your plans in the second paragraph. Here you not only enumerate the main goals you aim to achieve in your research but also the plan you are going to follow in order to do so. You may also include information about the sources you plan to use and the authors or scientists that will be the guiding lights of your inquiry. If you are not sure whether you wrote it in an understandable way, read it again. Ask yourself whether your paragraphs answer the question: “What steps will I take in order to reach the stated goals?”


It is better to conduct a research on the subject of the courses and professors of the universities you want to apply for. When you mention certain academics and courses that will help you deepen your knowledge in the subject of your inquiry, you show the reviewers that you have serious intentions. The reviewers should read your paragraph and see that you know what you are talking about. They should see that you are aware of the situation in the educational sphere of the country you plan to go to.

Afterwards, you should explain why this project is better to be completed outside abroad. However, it will be a mistake to name only disadvantages of your home university. Here your goal is to prove that you know all the peculiarities of a country where you want to get a degree. Try not to be too general. If you just write about the better equipment you will probably get a refusal of your request for grant.

Specific Conclusion

Traditionally, you have to crown your paper with a conclusion. This part should not be the summary of your introduction or repeat it in any way. You should remind yourself that the reviewers will read a lot of essays and if your conclusion is ordinary and just repeats your arguments, they will not remember you at all.

It goes without saying that you want to remind the reviewers about your final goals, but you should find the words that will be rather persuasive. You may come up with a quote from your favorite book if it is related to the things you were writing about. Try to be memorable, surprise your reviewers. However, do not be too original, they may think you are strange.

Extra Tips

As for certain general remarks, there are things you should do if you want to have a really good essay at the end of the day. First of all, give yourself some time for preparing an essay. Do not think that you will be able to complete it in one go. You should have time to research on the universities and to checking everything thoroughly.

Secondly, find people who will check your Study Objectives. It is preferable to check not only grammar, but also the things you say about your future Master’s paper. Ask your parents and friends to check the text for stylistic and other errors, but also talk to the professors in your university about your project. They may provide you with fruitful insights. At the end, check your essay by yourself imagining yourself to be a reviewer. Find the places you do not understand or that are too abstract and replace them.

Be responsible when preparing an essay, it may become your ticket to a new better life.

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