Public Speaking: Top Secrets of Successful Speech

Public Speaking: Top Secrets of Successful Speech

Every person in the world had a public appearance where they had a speech. Everybody knows that it is a stressful experience because a speaker is standing on the stage and is speaking to the audience, that contains different people and the speaker is the one to find approach to all of them. It is usual that this person worries a lot, their knees are shaking and they might even have a headache. All these factors interfere with the speech and the speaker loses confidence. However, there are no doors without a key. In this article you can read some tips and secrets of a correct speech. So, if you have a public speech in a few days and feel nervous, check out this article that will help you to overcome these difficulties.

Looking in the Mirror

Develop Confidence

Everybody wants to study oratorical art in order to beat worries, to learn how to think while speaking from the stage and not just stand with widely opened eyes, and speak freely to the big and small audiences. Yes, that is not an easy task, but there are still people who show that it can be done. Nobody was born to be an orator, but everybody can become one. It is not a gift or a talent. It is like swimming, everybody has to learn how to swim, and nobody was born with this ability. The same goes with orators. It takes a big efforts and a true desire to learn how to give a speech correctly.

So, How to Do It?

The first step on the way to public speaking is confidence in every move, in every said word, in every emotion. You have to believe in your forces and be willing to achieve a lot. Look at celebrities. They would not be famous if they were not confident in their actions. Do not be afraid of making a mistake. They only make us stronger and open new doors to the possibilities.

Be Prepared

It is worth mentioning that actors prepare for the film really hard. They take into consideration punctuation and try to speak with pauses, what makes their lines dynamical and interesting to listen. So, do not neglect any detail of the text. It is also a good idea to read the text in front of the mirror. When you see the image of yourself, you can keep an eye on your posture, control every move, every view into the audience. Do not be lazy to practice even if you feel you know everything and are ready for every outcome of the situation, even if you think you are not scared of a crowd. You speak freely and inspire others, what is one of the tasks of the oratorical art.

Think Like a Brave Person

If you still worry about your speech, there is one method that will help you overcome this problem. Psychologists advise to act like a brave person. Imagine that you are an actor and you have amazing final words. You have to look like a brave person even if you are really frightened. That way there is a chance that your attitude to the audience and to the performance will improve. Still, remember, that to convince other people you have to convince yourself first.

Person Giving Speech

Say to yourself, “I am brave. There were a lot worse situations in my life. I do not care that there are a lot of people, I am brave enough to overcome a difficulty.” And if you believe in yourself, everybody will feel this braveness and confidence. Try this method; it will help you not only while speaking on the stage but in everyday life.

Train Your Memory

Agree, that without a good memory your speech can be less successful than you expect. You are going to learn the whole speech by heart, so you need to have a good thinking and remember every detail of the text. So, how can you improve your memory?

Laws of Memorizing

There are 3 laws of memorizing: impression, repeating and association.


You must have a bright impression of what you want to learn. Focus on that. Remember your emotions while reading a paragraph you want to deliver as a speech. Your imagination will not remember “foggy” impressions, just like a camera will not make a clear picture in a fog. It is also a good idea to read the text aloud. That way you will learn it with your ears and eyes, what is quite important as we have memories of sounds and images. It is also known that we remember the images better than sounds. So, you can try to draw a picture in your had or even create a little movie which will help you remember every detail, every word of your speech.


There is one very important rule of the correct memorizing with the help of repeating. Do not try to learn the text in 30 minutes. Do not read it during a lengthy period of time without any pause. It is better to read it twice, then after 2 hours read it once more. Your memory will collect the whole text bit by bit, like a jigsaw puzzle.


To remember one fact, associate it with a similar fact. You see, when you give something new to your brains it takes much efforts to learn this, but if there was something like that in your head already, your brains only has to connect new information with the old one. Ask some questions that will help you associate the information. For example, ask yourself how this happened or where this fact can be used.


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