Looking for Happiness and Joy

Looking for Happiness and Joy

It is an open secret that everybody wants to be successful, rich and loved. These three factors can be united into one word, and this magical word is “happiness”. Moreover, this desire is a genetic factor and is a heritage from our ancestors. The matter is that there are a lot of ways to become happy, but for every person they are quite different.

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Every person is unique. You will not find anybody who thinks totally the same as you. So, you have to create your own particular way to become a happy person. In this article you will read some tips of how to become happier, which were taken from the interviews with successful and famous people.

Look Inside Yourself

It is wrong to try to reach happiness blindly following other people’s lifestyle. That way, you will not find what you are looking for, but you risk losing yourself instead. Do not try to find idols. Look through your thoughts and talents. Maybe, you are happy, indeed, but too blind to see this? Open your eyes and work hard to gain what you want.

Bad Memory for Bad Things

It is perfect when you do not have enemies and resentments, but the feature of life is that it is impossible. Everyone has had at least one conflict. Moreover, there are people you are angry at. But does it bring you satisfaction? Forgiving is a valuable feature to have. Believe that your offences are a good sign for others. Smile and make them feel confused and guilty. That way, you will feel delight and will not waste your precious time on unnecessary thoughts.

Build Strong Personality

To be happy, you have to be confident in every move, in every action. Be ready to face and accept changes. Do not be afraid of changing your hairstyle, outfit, music you used to listen to for many years, and even your work place. You have to understand that if your life is boring, it is high time to make a new personality who is going to gain a lot.

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Find a new hobby, which will be interesting for you, learn to play any musical instrument. Do not forget about the necessity of speaking foreign languages nowadays. Overcome your laziness. It is not the right feature for a true leader and a happy person. Read a lot, as books are the source of inspiration and motivation, which will give you a clear definition of what happiness is. You see, there is a key to success in self-developing.

Take Care of Yourself

It is well-known that a person who systematically does exercises and visits fitness trainings is happier than those who prefer to stretch on the sofa watching TV 24 hours a day. Forget about this zombie-box, which only ruins the life. Make a reward for yourself. For example, watch your favorite serial only after you were reading for a while or making some workout.

Additional Tip

Keep a healthy diet. It does not mean that you have to stop eating at all. You just have to reduce the amount of sweets, fast food, sugar drinks and other harmful food in your nutrition. Of course, it is up to you what to choose, but remember that you are what you eat.

If you eat organic food, like fruit and vegetables, you will be healthy and full of energy. You will be able to work during the long period of time and be open for new information. Furthermore, if you drink at least 1 liter of clean water every day, your brains will work better as our brains mostly consist of water.


Everybody has a necessity to speak with somebody. For someone it is enough to communicate for 10 minutes, but there are people who cannot live without talking. The key to happiness is in live communication. Even if you have a dozen of tasks you have to complete, dedicate some time for your parents and friends.

Remember that these are people who are not eternal, so this is a precious time you would like to spend with use. You will definitely be happy if you dedicate time to communication. This tip does not work that well for the people you do not know well enough, but for close people who can help you in a “rainy day”.

Be Kind

Do not wear a crown, even when you have everything you dreamt about. Think about others. Do not be shy or arrogant to give people a helping hand or a piece of advice. Remember, that kindness gives birth to kindness. However, better do not do that if people are not asking, because one can use your kindness for their own purposes.

Do not Fear

It is usual for people to be afraid of something. It is our mutual feature. There are a lot of fears, but one of the worst is the fear of our future. That way, a person goes to prison of own thoughts and is not willing to change the attitude to other people and things. It is also fatal when one has a fear of other people’s thoughts.

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That is why some people are lonely, do not take care of their body and mind, have a bad posture and are completely wretched. It is hard to escape from this thought and feeling. But the truth is that nobody thinks about someone else for longer than 30 seconds.

Everybody is egoistic, so they are more interested in themselves than in a person going on the opposite side of the road. Remember, that happy people follow their dreams, even if they are unusual for the society they live in. They are ready to make the first step and begin to go towards the goal.

Learn from the Mistakes of Others

These are the words of the veracity. Erring is in human’s nature, so you have to be prepared for the path full of ups and downs. Read the biographies of famous people; talk to successful ones about their way to what they have now. Do not be shy to ask your grandparents and parents for an advice. Even if you repeat the same mistake, you will be prepared for that.

Try to think about every step, every action. Never stop, take a risk, and learn the life lessons. Accept the existence of mistakes and learn how to control your emotions. This is a useful skill, as you will not worry too much. So that, you will have no chance to be stressed, which can harm your health, but will remain positive. That means you will be a happy person.


Now, when you know all these tips, relax, define what being happy means for you and share your achievements.

Hopefully, this article was a source of motivation for you. Follow your dream and remember the words of one wise man, “Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling.”

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