Improve Productivity

Improve Productivity

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When trying to improve your productivity first of all you should analyze properly how you spend time every day. Think about what you are spending it for and define whether it is useful for you or not. Secondly, apply the “rule of three”, which helps to work consciously during the day, even if you just react on a certain situation.

What Is Productivity?

Firstly, let us talk about productivity. People often think that productivity is a list of tasks, which were done during the day. It means that they think about a countable amount of tasks. The more “checks” are there in the daily tasks’ list, the more productive was their day.

The truth is, that this is an awful way to define productivity. It presumes that each task in your daily list has the same importance. However, it is never the case. Imagine you have fifteen points in your daily list and only one of them is crucial and should be definitely done during this day. What will be the use if you make fourteen out of fifteen and leave this one undone?

How to Act in This Case?

That is why the best way to define productivity is to ask yourself whether you have done everything you planned to at the end of each day. It means that productivity is not to do things but to do the right things. If you want to improve your productivity, you should set your priority on doing important tasks. These are those tasks that have the biggest reward and bring us closer to our goal.

Additional Tip

In order to understand which tasks are important, you should define the results you want to achieve. Only results can give you the feeling of a productive day or week. Additionally, you should find the most crucial task with the best outcome. For example, when studying, the task with the biggest value is a nicely done essay or a completed term paper. As a result, I received knowledge and good marks.

The Rule of Three

If you were working a lot during the day, but you have not done the thing, which was of the biggest importance to you, than you were working in vain. Instead of writing the lists with many tasks, it is better to pick out three tasks, which should absolutely be done and to focus on them.

Writing a List

There are many advantages of such an approach. For example, you start working consciously instead of just reacting to your daily work situation. Many people work based on the events that take place during the day. This is one of the reasons why much of their work remains undone. Moreover, when focusing just on your goal, you do not get confused because of the sudden work at hand. It means that once you get distracted you will not forget what you needed to do and you will return to work faster and easier.

Why This Method?

The rule of three is easy to follow in comparison with other advices and rules, which can be found on the Internet, when you are trying to solve your productivity problem. The only thing you need to learn is how to distinguish the most important tasks. Once you manage it, the insignificant tasks will be prominent. You will stop marking them in your to-do list and will spare a lot of time.

What Else?

You will also be more understandable for others. Now that you have only three important tasks per day, people will know what you are doing and what they can help you with. Your boss will stop being angry with you for your never-ending working processes, which you can never finished. You can even find people who will be glad to take up for themselves certain tasks, which were insignificant for me.

Speaking with Colleagues

Tips and Tricks

There are several useful tricks, which you will notice while attending to this rule. Firstly, it is better to use it not only every day, but also every week and month. Simply imagine three important results which you want to have after the end of each of these periods. Then you just form smaller tasks, which will lead you to those three significant results. Sure, it is easier to find tasks for a day, then for a month. In order to tackle this problem imagine yourself at the end of the month and think what will upset you the most, if it will not be complete until that time.

It is also better to use a paper notebook, rather than an electronic one. It makes the to-do list more remarkable and real. Keep your paper list on your working table, so that you can see it every time you get distracted.

Evening Meditation

What is the best time for planning your day? It is in the evening. Every day after work, it is better to spend at least twenty minutes planning your next day. That helps you to wake up already knowing what you need to do. Now you do not have those mornings when you spend many hours trying to figure out what you need and want to do. One more crucial thing is to have time for reflection. Sit and think over the things that you have done and those which you are planning to do soon. It helps you to understand whether you are moving in the right direction, whether you have planned everything you want to do.

Good Luck!

Such reflections also help you to stop being lazy. When you do your three tasks and have some time left during this day you will not stop. It will give you the energy to move on and do even more, since you are on a roll!

There will also be times when you overestimate myself. That is why when you do not do everything you planned for the day, just forgive yourself and think over your abilities. Maybe you had a bad day. The good thing of this rule is that every day you can start afresh. Do not spoil this with yesterday’s sadness. Our team hopes that you will find these tips useful.


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