How to Find Happiness in Comfort at a Dorm

How to Find Happiness in Comfort at a Dorm

Comfortable Sofa

What would be your first wish if a magical genie appeared suddenly in front of you and granted you any wish you could think of? A lot of people wish above all to be happy. However, they would find it hard to explain what happiness means to them. It turns out, that happiness depends on comfort in many ways. It is hard to be comfortable when you are trying to survive living on your own and tackling adulthood, however there are a few clever tricks that could provide you with a feeling of comfort, and thus provide you with happiness, even if you live in a dormitory. Here is an article about comfort and happiness, and how to make your life comfortable.

Why Does Comfort Influence Happiness?

According to various researches, one of the happiest nations of the world are the people from Denmark. Not many know that the Danes take pride in comfort and that these two factors, happiness and comfort, are closely related in their worldview. Let us examine the characteristics of living in comfortable conditions and how they can be connected to happiness.


Have you ever sat by the fireplace on a snowy or rainy day? There is nothing more comforting than the feeling that you are safe and warm, if there is a bad situation happening outside, both literally and metaphorically. It is like being in a castle that is stress-proof. Getting under the covers after a stressful day at work or at college can make you feel the same, safe from the problems and the challenges that you had to do throughout the day. Whenever we are safe, in a comfortable home or environment, we are stress-free and as a consequence, feel happy and satisfied.


Whenever we go shopping, there is always that extra rush of pleasure we get, if we buy something that is truly comfortable and nice-looking. We can buy a blanket, and the fluffier and comfier it is, the happier we feel. We can get pleasure just from owning a beautiful notebook or some nice clothes, that is why it is important to surround yourself with things that are aesthetically-pleasing for you. If you have an ugly lamp in your room, you will always think about getting rid of it and get irritated without no apparent reason. Things should give you pleasure.

You Are Loved

The feeling of comfort we are talking about in this article can refer not only to your living space. Often, indeed, we feel most at home when we are with the people we love the most. We could be somewhere outdoors or at a friend’s house, and feel loved and welcome. This feeling of comfort received from social interactions is very precious, because it shows you that your opinion matters, you are loved and needed and you belong, as a part of a group.

Group Hug

Basic Elements

It is easy to say “just live in a comfortable house and you will be happier”. Not everyone can afford comfortable living conditions, sometimes we do not get to choose at all or have no means to upgrade our living environment. However, your house does not have to be expensive to be comfortable. In fact, we often feel most at home and comfortable at such houses that could only belong to grandmas: comfy clothes, the scent of a freshly baked pie, the old chairs and pavements that make that creaking sound. You can look for more ideas here.


The Danes are the nation that takes pride in candles. In fact, the level of comfort has a lot to do with lights. Those cozy cafes and restaurants always put a few candles to create a unique romantic atmosphere of comfort, closeness. Direct or overly bright lights tend to stimulate and irritate you, when candles soften the mood. Another perk is that they are cheap and you do not have to change your whole house in order to light a few candles. You can only light one candle to make the atmosphere in the room more homey, however be careful not to start a fire.



There is a reason why ice-cream or chocolate are called comfort food. When you enjoy sweets, the level of sugar in your blood rises, and you feel happier. Getting a full stomach has always been a basic human instinct, that is why we feel safer when we eat, and happier when we eat something that we particularly like. That is why when you are in a bad mood or feel down, it is enough to buy yourself a chocolate bar and elevate your mood. However, do not overeat, as there should be a limit on good things.

Social Interaction

Surround yourself with people that bring you joy. It is important to spend time with them whenever you can, as it will make you happier. If you are down, your loved ones can improve your mood instantly. Sure, it is great to have any person in your life, however, a tight social circle that you can arrange activities with, is the best. You can get a feeling of comfort and safety just by going out to a café with some friends.

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