Dealing with Fears that Spoil Your Life: Part 2

Dealing with Fears that Spoil Your Life: Part 2

It is clear that living in fear is existing, not leading a full life, but at the same time it is clear that fears block our creative energy and logics, and these two powers are the tools to overcome any hard situation. This is why sometimes it would be good to get a piece of advice from the outside, and this is what our article is about.

Watch Others

This method is perfect for those who are careful and love to look at other people trying to cope with some situations. That means, you can find the person with the same fear and watch how they manage to overcome it. That way it will not look as frightening as you expect. This will also motivate you to start fighting with the fears that interfere you to live a normal and calm life. Or else, you can find a person who has already got rid of their fear.

Helping Hand

Imagine that you are a reporter and ask some questions. Believe that if a person had a terrible fear of something, they would definitely help you to beat your one. If you are not comfortable interviewing others, surf the Internet seeking for this kind of interview. Our world is not as big as it seems, so there are a lot of people with such problems, for sure. Now, all you need is braveness and desire to solve some stressful problems in your life.

Control Your Body

When a person is in a state of being scared, their face muscles show everything that is going on inside of them. Namely, you widely open your eyes, your breathing is becoming faster, you begin to tap everything with your fingers and so on. These body moves ruin a good opinion about your personality, so your reputation might be under a risk of crashing down. In order to overcome this, you have to learn how to control your emotions and body. Firstly, try to breathe deeply. That way you will calm down your breathing and your mind will be open for new thoughts.

Yogi Meditating

If you feel that your muscles begin to strain, allow this to happen. Strain these muscles and then relax them. Strain again and relax. Following this tip your body will be in a good working order again. After that you only have to take measures and quit the stressful situation. In addition, to be ready for every bad outcome of the situation, you have to turn on your imagination. Imagine that you have met your fear. Try to let all the feelings you imagine flow through your body, strain your muscles and close your eyes. Then do everything from the above. That will calm you down and you will not be as clumsy and frightened as you could be.

Draw It

This method is a bit tricky, but it will be useful and funny, especially for artistic people. It is also a good tip of fighting with kids’ fears. The matter is that you have to imagine your fear or the object of your phobia. Make your imagination work and create a clear picture of this fear in your head. Then take pencils and a sheet of paper and draw this picture. You can draw a picture for hours; it also can be a series of drawings. You can even make a comic book about the feelings and the thoughts you experience while panicking. While drawing you apply all your fright, emotions and imagination to this piece of paper. You partly give a little piece of your soul to your picture. After the drawing of your fear is done, burn it. Yes, destroy your fear. It is obvious, that it is only a piece of paper, but there is energy on it, and this energy is not positive, so it will be better to get rid of it. So that, wipe it out and it will be mentally easier to fight with the fear.


Now, when you know all these facts, find some confidence in yourself and begin to fight with your fear. Hope, this article was a source of inspiration and motivation for you. Keep on creating yourself and remember the words, “This world of ours must avoid becoming a community of dreadful fear and hate, and be, instead, a proud confederation of mutual trust and respect.”

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