Expository Essay: General Facts

Expository Essay: General Facts

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An expository essay is a kind of essay, which is used not only in schools or colleges, but also in journalism and literature. The main aim of such essays is to give a clear explanation to the reader. It does not matter whether you literally explain something or just describe it in other words, as all of these types of essays can be called an expository essay.

Different Sub-types of Essays

There are four kinds of essays, which you can combine under the title of expository essay:

  • Cause and effect essay
  • Process essay
  • Comparison essay
  • Problem/solution essay

Let us define their main purpose and their differences.

Cause and Effect Essay

Here you define a subject, which usually is a certain process or situation and then write what may or will happen next. It is something like a conversation with a doctor. You tell him, which pill you took and he says what will happen next as an effect of your pill. It is important to predict events, but even more important to build a logical chain with effective linking verbs. Also, you can think about the reasons why something happened to prevent or recreate it in the future.

Process Essay

The name of such an essay stands for itself. In this essay, you are to explain how something works or more precisely, how something can be made. The best example are the so-called “how-to” articles. The writer takes the readers on a journey through every step or every level of the work to show them how one does it. They should be easily understandable and structured logically. If you can write such essays it means that you are the professional or a specialist in a field and you are smart enough to write an instruction. That is great!

Comparison Essay

This type of essay is usually written during literature classes. Pupils or students read certain books and then compare characters in an essay. You may widen up its aim and compare certain events or facts that are important to you personally. Comparison is something that highlights the differences and brings your attention to the things that are not easily seen. It is a great tool if you would like to understand which point of view to support, or what are the qualities of the different objects.

Problem/Solution Essay

Problem/Solution essays are often written in social media. Certain journalists investigate the world’s greatest problems and then use the help of social sciences to write the probable solution of those problems. For example, it can be an article about global warming or waste recycling. Such articles, if written well, create a great impact on the audience. Use them to write about a problem that you want to solve yourself, and by doing your research you will see the ins and outs of it all.

Ecological Disasters

General Structure

When writing each of these essays you should go through certain preparation and work stages. Firstly, you should define your main topic. In case you are not familiar with it, you do a bit of research. Secondly, you plan your content. It means that you make some notes on how the article will unfold according to your topic. As a next step, you write everything you wanted to and then compare it with your previously prepared plan. If you see that you have explained your topic and have not forgotten any little detail than your essay is almost ready.

A Tip to Remember

Sure, it is hard to include all the details, so think about how your essay will look if you edit some of them out. See for yourself what you should keep, and what better adds up to your main argument. The last thing you should do is to read or present your essay to a friend or colleague. If the other person understands your text and its main purpose without asking for more information, than the paper is correct and you did a great job.



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