Essay on the Vegetarian Lifestyle

Essay on the Vegetarian Lifestyle


This type of essay is perfect if your professor wants you to write a persuasive paper. There is nothing more persuasive than choosing a healthy lifestyle and losing some weight, is not there? A lot of people nowadays choose not to eat meat or even dairy. In fact, it is not strange to find some meat emulations or vegan dairy on the shelves of your local store. You can write an excellent essay which explains why people choose to eat differently and how it affects themselves and the world. If you essay will make people consider their own diets, then it is already a success.

Points in Favor

You should start by presenting something that explains why would people choose to eat only vegetarian food. Explain what is vegetarianism and why is it popular, you can even state a few famous people who became vegetarian. Then, you should write the points in favor. Each argument should be succinct and easy to understand for anyone. Try to create an appeal for people who have never considered going vegetarian by providing some illustrations that strike close to home. Here are some examples that you can focus on in such an essay.

Healthy Option

The main appeal for any person is themselves. Indeed, if you tell them that they can live a much more healthy life and lose some weight, sleep better at night, have a much more pleasant bowel movement and so on, they will at least be interested in your thoughts. Provide statistical data about the connection of meat consumption and heart diseases. Do not forget to touch on some spiritual level with those who are out of touch with their physical body: do they want their body to absorb the negative energy from dead animals?

Animal Protection

Little Sheep

A second reason to go vegetarian, if not for yourself, would be for the sake of the animals. It is a known fact that our digestive systems are not designed in the same way as the digestive systems of carnivores. That means we do not have to eat meat at all, and all the nutrients we need can be found in plants. So why do we choose to viciously kill or cultivate animals for consumption just for the sake of getting our stomachs full with food we do not need? Animals are suffering, and we are not superior enough to decide on their fates. Another argument that could work well is drawing a parallel between a pet and a farm animal. Why people choose not to eat their cats and dogs, but can easily order chicken or lamb for dinner? Why are some animals unlucky enough that we consider normal to eat them? It is good to wrap your arguments in questions that will make your reader ponder.

Environmental Impact

Well, if you are not doing it for yourself or for the sake of the animals, why not do it for all of us? The animal farms are seriously damaging the eco system, and the fish industry is taking a toll on all the sea creatures. Provide the horrifying forecasts of what our planet will become if the animal industries continue to grow. You can also illustrate your thoughts with more specific examples: just to catch some tuna, a lot of seafood and smaller fish must die in the fishing webs. A quick research here will provide you with enough data.

How to Practice It

It is a universal truth that people do not like it when you point out some flaws in their behaviors and try to explain to them where they went wrong. They can become aggressive when protecting their beliefs and way of living. That is why is it important to acknowledge the difficulty of changing your lifestyle and the ways of doing it painlessly.

What to Consider

It is very difficult to abruptly change your lifestyle. In order to become vegetarian you should fully educate yourself and know why you are making such a choice, because you will be asked to explain your behavior all the time. Consider doing it one step at a time, instead of drastically changing everything. Accumulate knowledge that will help you, studying resources, vegetarian stores in your area, some communities that can help you and guide you. You will feel the pressure of society, for example when you travel or visit your relatives, so be prepared for such situations. If you peacefully and calmly explain these points in your essay, you will be able to write an essay that can truly persuade someone to change their minds and make the world a better place, moreover you will provide them with a starting guide on how to act. It will truly be a success.


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