Playing Computer Games as a Time-Eater

Playing Computer Games as a Time-Eater

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It is an obvious thing that we entered a new era, a technological one. Our everyday life is full of different electronic devices. We can hardly imagine our life without cell phone and access to the Internet. The same goes with children. While their parents surf the Internet, children play computer games.

We can call this an addiction to computer games because the best day for them is when they have an additional hour spent on playing games. Sooner or later it becomes a big problem for parents. To make the situation worse, not only schoolboys and schoolgirls are keen on playing useless computer games.

How Do Games Influence People?

At first, games seem to be your deserted island, where you can hide from annoying classmates, constant homework or take-home work, problems in personal life and even death of your favorite golden fish. It seems easy; it seems that being in a virtual world is a safe and innocent hobby.

It is only after a few weeks or months you start realizing your circle of interests has narrowed, your friends do not ask you out knowing you are busy with your pixel mates and… well, all the other unpleasant consequences.

Playing a bit if you know how to stop is absolutely fine and can even be useful, however, if you feel you may one day sell your soul to the virtual god, it will be better to check on how to get out of this here and below.

Realize Why You Need It

In order to make your non-games diet come to life you have to find out what exactly has changed in a bad way and feel a strong desire and need to fix the situation and find powers to stop this. You have to decide that this occupation is not needed and you want to delete it from your life like a file you will never use again.

Find a New Hobby

To stop playing computer games you can find something else what will be more interesting for you. For example, buy some paper and pencils and try to draw something. Or sign up lessons at the music school. That way, you will spend your time with use. There are a lot of ways of starting to live a normal life, without any addiction and problem with health.

Make Somebody Happy

If you feel that computer only wastes your time, give it like a present to your little cousin or give it for a charity. It will definitely help you to get rid of the addiction to computer games and you will feel delight as you have made somebody a bit happier. This will not leave you without a reward.

Think About Games Seem so Important

You need to analyze your addiction and find out what is hiding behind a constant need to play. Problems in social life? Feeling bored? A feeling of challenge? Life seems dull? As soon as you find out the real reason you want to fill your life with playing games, it will be so much easier to find the best solution for your case.

Control Yourself

If any tip of the above is not effective enough, it is a high time to speak to yourself. Take a deep breath. Relax all the strained muscles. Close your eyes. Feel the calmness and say to yourself, “I totally control my body and every move. I am strong. Nothing is going to force me. I am going to stop playing this game right now. It will not take my time any more.”

It is a tip recommended by psychologists. By doing this, you convince yourself. It is known that nobody can influence your thoughts and desires more than you can. This method is a bit tricky, because it is an inner dialogue and you cannot escape hearing the words. And still, this tip is effective indeed, not only in case you are addicted to computers. Inner voice is always ready to help you solve some problems in your everyday life.

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