Build Your Social Circle During College Years

Build Your Social Circle During College Years

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A lot of people share the thought that college is the best time to build your social circle. You may think that your school friends are the most valuable people to you, and that can also be true, however in college sociability matters more, as it helps you become an adult and tile your path into the future. The people you meet in college are closely connected to the profession you choose, and thus you will all be working in the same field, sharing similar goals. You can use this fact to create strong connections that will be helpful to you in the future. Not to mention that it gets lonely to survive in college without allies. Here is an article about the importance of social interactions in college and how to build your social circle.

The Importance of Social Interactions

Some psychologists firmly believe that without social interactions we would not be satisfied. It is one of the basic needs, including food and shelter, that we all share.

Comfort and Help

Nothing is as comforting as a shoulder to lean on. If you have ever been in a situation that caused you anxiety, you will surely know that it is immensely satisfying to hug your loved one, your mother or your friend to relieve the stress. The same goes for help. It is often a lot harder to do something on your own, but as a team it saves time and effort. In college, it will be so much better to have friends among the upperclassmen that could give you some tips on how to pass exams and how to deal with professors. It will be also comforting to have good friends among the people you share your dorm with.


It often happens that through other people you may get a new job, learn something that will become important to you, meet people that will turn out to be your best friends. Maintaining a good relationship is the key to opening many doors. You may never know what role these people will play in your future. Mind that this does not mean that you have to force friendships on everyone on campus. You can choose the people who are interesting to you, and try to keep them closer. In a few years you will see how much of a big influence they had on your life.

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Having your social circle in college does not only mean getting help and opportunities. First and foremost, it is fun! A lot of older people fondly remember their college years and how much freedom and happiness there was, and the people they shared it with. Do not focus only on your future, but think about making the present happy too.

Tools to Build Your Social Circle

Now that we have realized the importance of social circles, here are a few tips to maintain that tight group of friends that will give you all the benefits we described already.

Trusted Few

Even though it is recommended to have as many friends as possible, it is a known fact that it is hard to maintain those relationships. You simply will not have time to build a strong relationship with a lot of people simultaneously. Some people will require more attention, and will drift away if you cannot provide it on time. That is why it is better to choose a few friends rather than many, as you are bound to lose those connections one way or another. Focus on having a great time with your group of friends.


Even though social media has become a great part of our lives, make sure to schedule at least one meeting per week with your friend. There is nothing better than talking face to face or making some activities together. Go to the cinema, to eat out, just to have a walk in the park. Taking some time out of your busy schedule to meet your friend will lessen your stress, make you feel better and give you both a feeling of being connected.

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Gatherings for Everyone

If you would rather have a stable group of friends and meet them regularly, make sure that every person in the group is comfortable and every opinion matters. It is not easy to do, especially at first, however the people who really need it will surely make compromises for the sake of the group and will have a good time no matter what.

Maintain Direct Contact

If you are part of a group of friends, make sure to connect with each person separately too. Message them, make sure to have some inside jokes or likes that you share only with them. It will help you to build that bridge over your friends. For example, if your best friends get into a fight and lose touch, you will not have to deal with having less friends. Plus, it will make everyone in the group feel important and welcomed.

Remember Details

Nothing strengthens your relationship as much as remembering details about the other person. You can memorize their birthday, the things they like, their opinions. This will show that they matter to you and you care about them. If someone in your group is vegetarian, it will be nice of you to make them a separate food plate if you are all attending a barbecue party, as it will show that you remember about their preferences and respect them.


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