Writing a Book Review on Dracula by Bram Stoker Tips

Writing a Book Review on Dracula by Bram Stoker Tips

Reading a book and writing a well-organized and well-structured paper on this book are two things as different, as cheese and squirrels. Some people find it difficult to write about the book they liked, others dislike writing on the book that does not interest them the most, and some want to write a review without reading a book. All three situations are not pleasant, but all of them can be dealt with graciously, and here is how.

Scary Vampire

Unless you already have a specified structure, here is the plan you can use and the details you should include into each part.

General Details

To start with, you will need to specify the genre, the date when the book was published, the language it was originally written in and a brief historical or personal background if present.

When it comes to Dracula, it is a gothic horror novel that was originally written in English and published in 1897. It is a well-known novel, and some consider Bram Stoker to be a creator of the classic idea about vampires we have today, however, it is not entirely true. Bram Stoker was the one to add details to the character, but there were a few other literature pieces preceding it, like John William Polidori’s The Vampyre (1819), penny dreadful Varney the Vampire (1847) and Sheridan Le Fanu’s short story Carmilla (1872).

There is a historical background, too. The novel was based on the fifteenth century warrior prince Vlad Dracula (Vlad the Impaler) of Wallachia (modern areas of Romania and Hungary). Bram Stoker made him the antagonist of the novel, basing on the stories about Dracula having a habit to drink the blood of his enemies.

Short Plot Description

What differs a review you have to pass as a paper and the one you wish to publish online for fun is that the first one can (and should) have a quite detailed plot description with spoilers in it. While any online user will rather hate to see them, the teacher will need to know if you have actually read the book. Any short plot description will help you to fight this battle successfully, however, there is one tip on how to do this if your aim is to get a high grade.

Take some time to read a part of a book that has a significant value, for example, a few pages that describe Lucy being ill and her death, the scene with Dracula’s brides and Jonathan Harker.  The point is, if you add a few very vivid details from the book, it will look very convincing that you have actually read it, even though this book is worth reading even without a need to writer a review on it.

Scary Book

Short Character Analysis

Bram Stocker did really well while creating unique characters, which are at the same time just ordinary people and a few monsters. What can you say about each of them?


An old and mighty vampire. He is cruel, cunning and evil. Dracula is not only strong, but also very smart, and knows how to influence people in order to turn them into his servants.

Jonathan Harker

A young lawyer, ambitious mainly for the sake of his future wife than because wealth is his life goal. Young, first frightened and confused, he then turns into a brave young man who risks his life numerous times to save others.

Mina Murray

An intelligent and practical young woman, who is devoted to her friends and is always ready to do anything to help them. She is a symbol of purity, a strong believer and an innocent soul. Even though she gets into Dracula’s trap later, she recovers fast and goes together with the others to Transylvania to kill the might Count.

Lucy Westenra

At first a kind, young and attractive woman, she then becomes a Dracula’s victim and becomes a cruel vampire. Lucy is a suffering character, however, her soul is then rescued by Van Helsing and is believed to go to heaven.

Arthur Holmwood

Arthur would be the first to volunteer in case anything is needed in the course of fighting Dracula. Unlike Dr. Seward and Van Helsing, not having much knowledge about medicine or vampires, he was still the one to give Lucy a blood transfusion and the one to kill the demon she has become.

Red Rose

Dr. John Seward

A brave young man of a kind heart. Having being rejected by Lucy, he remained faithful and first did all it took to save her, while after her death was devoted to idea to destroy the Count.

Quincey Morris

A man who never forgot having lost his beloved woman after Arthur has won her hand. He sacrificed himself to make the world free from Dracula.

Van Helsing

A leader of the anti-vampire fight, this doctor is not only proficient in Western medicine, but in other fields like folklore. His willingness to find a way to destroy the Count by any means, not only his knowledge in the medicine, help the characters kill the enemy.

Describing the Style

This book is all written in epistolary style, meaning it consists of diaries, documents, articles, reports and so on. The author had to deeply understand his characters and create their own thinking and writing style to make the book convincing.

Describing Your Opinion About the Book

This is a part when you need to let the world know how the book has influenced you, whether you liked it or not and what is the lesson it taught you. This part is meant to show your attitude and deep understanding of the plot, idea, characters and the story in general.


This is simple: just conclude what you have already written in a few sentences. Careful: in case you were required to use any references, do not use them in the conclusion, since it should all be your own words.

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