Defend Your Point of View in an Argument

Defend Your Point of View in an Argument


It does not matter whether you are engaged in an essay or just arguing with someone online, it is crucial to learn how to display and protect your argument wisely. Nowadays, the internet has become a battlefield for arguments, and even a funny video of cats singing can have a whole discussion underneath, with debates worthy of the parliament. If you are writing an essay that needs your point of view being protected or if you are arguing online about one of your many passions, you will need some tips to appear educated and use this argument to your benefit: educate someone, or educate yourself smartly. Here is how to learn something useful in the process of arguing.

Educate Yourself

Before running head over heels straight into the argument, find some resources that will back up your point of view. Make sure they are sources that are verifiable and reliable, since no one will believe you if you quote someone who has no qualifications in the matter. If you find some opinions that do not favor your point of view, read them and try to apply your critical thinking. Are they correct or not? If they can be true, consider postponing the argument and use the time to conduct a thorough research and learn more.

Be Logical

It is practically impossible arguing with something that has no logic. Imagine that you are in a discussion with the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland about global warming. Every smart argument that you will provide will shatter against nonsense. That is why you should always check your opinion for flawed logic. Do not generalize, provide false analogies or else, it is always visible and impossible to argue against.

Be Grammatically Correct

Grammar Book

Grammar can be tough, and not all of your opponents will point out your grammar mistakes as flaws in your argument, but some might. Why not make your argument a mistake-proof bullet vest out of perfect grammar? Not to mention that silly mistakes will just make you look like an unprofessional and will drive the attention away from your words, even if they are smart and worthy of notice. Read through your every sentence multiple times. Scan for mistakes before including it in your essay or sending your message online.

Explain in Own Words

We all desire to make an impression, but do not try to use the academic words from your sources or make your text seem smarter with difficult words when you can make it simpler. It is always better to use clear, specific and simple language to explain your point. Not only it will avoid misunderstandings, but everyone will be able to see what you are trying to say and will gain a little bit of knowledge from your insight. Here are some other tips that can help you.

Provide Illustrations


Theory often does not appeal as much as practical arguments. Make sure to include a valid illustration to your point of view. If you are saying that your city needs more animal shelters, provide an illustration by presenting a statistic: specific numbers of pets that were saved in shelters. You can even include a photo of cute puppies in those shelters, to appeal to the cold-hearten.

Be Specific

Clearly distinguish the argument you are having and only provide information about it. If you try to touch all the topics in the world, your point of view will inflate and you will be writing academic books in those Facebook comments. Be aware of the topic at hand, and limit your opponent if they try to divulge or divert your attention. However, this does not mean that you should discard arguments or statistics that help the case move forward.

Listen to Others

Instead of yelling and denying everything you hear, calmly read or listen to the opinion of the person who opposes you. Maybe, you have misunderstood them, and they mean the same thing you do, but in different words. It is hard to be wrong, but maybe they have a valid point that will shed some light on the situation and make you see things differently. Even if you have been wrong, from now on you will have a more wide perspective to consider, and you will gain much more insight for the future.

Have Respect

Do not insult those who have a different opinion than you do. Even if they are wrong, you are better than that. Try to explain what you mean in a civilized manner. If you see that they have no respect for you, just back off out of the argument, because neither party will be satisfied in such a debate: they are there just to boost their own self confidence, while you will learn nothing from such an argument.


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